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Hi, My mother came to USA on July4th 2020 on B2 Visa, after 6 months of completion due to Covid Situation , in January, i have applied for Visa Extension and i see still it is in progress. From January, if i calculate it will be over by July4th 2021, Now being the situation in India is not good, i want to apply for second extension, As i referred few ppl who done like that, but i want to confirm with you on the same as her 1st extension still in progress. Now, i would like to extend only for 3 months, is there any way that i can reduce the payment for the extension process? Also, can i follow the same process for the extension did like in the first extension or any thing different for the second extension process?(First time , applied from USCIS Portal electronically ). Looking for your suggestion here. Thank you and much appreciated your guidance

User's Location: Farmington Hills, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)