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My name is Satyanarayana Rao Behara. Aged 67 years. Me and my wife, came to USA on a B2 on 12/23/2019–and I94 was until 6/22/2020.We stayed with my Daughter & SIL in NJ our 11 mth stay. Bcoz of Covid-19, we filed I-539(xtn of stay) until 12/22/2020. 09/30/2020 – both I and my wife were called to ASC in Newark, NJ to submit biometrics.We both went and gave biometrics. 11/20/2020 – both I and my wife departed from USA. 2/9/2021–USCIS approved my wife’s extension. 2/9/2021–USCIS sent denial letter to me (to my dghter adres NJ) My Form I-139 is denied for the reasons below • 8 CFR section 214.1©(5) states: There is no appeal from the denial of I-539 application • On Sep 30, 2020 – USCIS requestd biometrics. Although you appeared , USCIS was unable background checks to process because the fingerprints were not satisfactory for use by the FBI • you departed US before you'd rescheduled Question • I am currently in India. Is it possible to submit a motion to reconsider Form i-290B while I can go to a ASC in India for biometrics • if not can we submit Form i-290B with any other details • or is there any other action that we can take to prevent jeopardizing my future re-entry to US

User's Location: Hyderabad, India

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)