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We filed the second extension for my parents (B2 visa) before 30 days of I-94 expiration. The USPS tracking shows that the documents were delivered on Feb 01 to Dallas, TX lockbox but we haven’t yet received the receipt and even the check hasn’t been cashed. Their current I-94 expired on March 1st. In this situation what are our options - Can they stay in the US until a decision has been made on their application or are they out of status and can accrue unlawful presence? Would this impact their visa status or have any impact on mine (I sponsored their B2 visa and I am currently on H1B here)? Below is the application timeline - Application (I-539) mailed on 01/28/2021 Per USPS it got delivered to TX on 02/01/2021

User's Location: Quincy, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)