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Hi, My mother came to USA on 15th Dec 2019 and she was scheduled to return back on 30th May 2020 but due to COVID-19 situation and complete shut down of India and no flights, I had filed her extension of stay I-539 on 15th May and requested her extension till 30th of Nov 2020. We have not received any decision till 18th Nov 2020. My Questions are: 1)- Can we file a 2nd extension for another 6 months so her status to stay in USA will be legal while decision for 1st extension will still pending? 2)- Is there a way to amend the initial extension request with an additional 4-6 months ? 3)- If the visa extension is processed , can we request for a second extension ? 4)- After returning back to India, When she will plan to visit us again in late 2021 or 2022, Would there any problem or negative impact given these two extension of stays. 5)- Would there be any concern when she applies her B2 Visitor Visa Renewal in 2024. 6)- When is the best time to file second extension: before 30th Nov 2020 (The final date which I requested) or after decision is made. I don't want to jeopardize her visa status as well as next trips to USA or Visa renewal. Please suggest. Thanks Sachin

User's Location: MISSOURI CITY, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)