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Hi, I am writing to find the options for extending my parents stay in US. They came to US last November and we applied for their visa extension in April 2020. The request for extension was till Nov 1st but we are looking for extending their stay till Jan 2021. We wanted to find out what our options are since the initial request to extend their stay is still pending. I-539 Receipt Number : MCT2032233791 Current Status : Case Was Received On April 14, 2020 Initial Request : to extend till 11/01/2020 Current I-94 valid until : 05/19/2020 Most Recent Entry : 11/20/2019 B2 Visa Expiration Date : 12/18/2027 Passport Expiration Date : 08/28/2023 1. Can they stay in US legally till end of Jan if the visa extension is still pending? 2. Is there a way to amend the initial extension request with an additional 4 months ? 3. If the visa extension is processed , can we request for a second extension ? Thanks Aby Joseph

User's Location: Hockessin, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)