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Dear Attorneys, My parents came to the US on 7th Nov 2019, and they were given I94 until 7th May 2020. Due to the current COIVD situation, we applied for their extension on 21st March 2020 and requested an extension until 6th Nov 2020. This first extension request is still pending. We are thinking of applying for second extension as the situation is still not favorable for my father's travel. My father had a brain stroke (paralysis for the right leg, hand, and speech) before coming to the US, and he has other issues such as obesity, sugar, and BP, etc. Therefore, it is not safe for him to travel as there is a risk due to COVID. So we want to postpone my parent's return to another 6 months. 1) Our first extension request is still pending, no biometric appointment is scheduled until today. Can I apply for the second extension when the first one is still under review? 2) Please note, by 6th Nov 2020, their one year stay will get completed. So, is the second petition to extend beyond one year is reasonable? Does USCIS consider this request under these special COVID circumstances? 3) Under what conditions their second petition could be a problem for their future entry into the US?

User's Location: Orlando, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)