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My in-laws who are 65 and 67 yrs old(with preexisting conditions) are here on B1/B2 visa and came here on Dec 17, 2019. Their I94 was valid until June 18, 2020 and we applied for extension due to COVID-19 crisis. We got the receipt number from USCIS but still didnot get the approval. Their 10 yr multiple entry B1/B2 visa on passport expires in March 2021 and we want to get it renewed at Mexico/Canada. My questions. 1) Are Indian citizens visiting the US allowed to apply for visa extension from Mexico/Canada or do they need to go back to India. 2) If they can apply from Mexico/Canada do they need to do this in-person or can it be done in mail. 3) If they cannot go back to India by March 2021 then can we apply for another I94 extension.

User's Location: dublin, Alabama, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)