I am currently on my F1 OPT extension (valid till Sept 04 2019). I am recently married and planning to bring my wife to USA. Things to consider: She already holds a valid Visiting VISA (B-1/B-2). She has travelled couple of times to US earlier and returned back with in the given time. Questions? Is it advisable that she comes to US on visiting VISA or do you want us to go for F-2 VISA (I have booked her a travel ticket on March 23rd). How easy that she is converted to F-2, once she is here (On B-1/B-2)? If she comes on by applying her F2 VISA and in worst case scenario, if I have to go back to India if my H1 is not approved next year, her F2 will be expired too and she will not have her B-1/B-2 visa too. (Advice considering this scenario). If I have my H1 approved next year and my wife in B-/B-2 OR F-2. Please let me know, which is easy, to get converted from B-1/B-2 to H4 or F-2 to H4. Explain Pros and Cons. Do me and my wife have to travel to India to get VISA changed to H1 and H4 respectively. If she has to convert to F1. Which one will be easy, from B-1/B-2 to F1 OR F-2 to F-1?? Would be great if you can answer my question. Thanks in advance.

User's Location: St Paul, Minnesota, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)