My father is citizen of India. He was issued a B1/B2 visa in India in Aug 2009. His name on his passport in Aug 2009: Surname: (blank) Given Name : AA BB CC His name on his B1/B2 visa in Aug 2009: Surname : CC Given Name : AA BB He has made five trips (duration : 2 months each) between 2009-2017 without any issues. He renewed his passport in 2017 and his name appears the same as his previous passport. He is currently applying to renew his B1/B2 visa and the DS-160 form requires him to enter a surname. The U.S consulate in Mumbai advised to write FNU (first name unknown) as his given name and write his entire name as surname in DS-160. Questions: 1) If we follow as per consulate, will there be any issues in the future when my brother (US Citizen) applies for my father’s green card as his passport will not have a surname? 2) If your answer to 1) is a yes, would you advise we first change my father’s name to include his surname in his passport in India and then apply to renew his visitor visa? Thank you

User's Location: Hampton, Virginia, United States of America

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)