How do I deal with my girlfriend's Visa? I have dating my girlfriend for two years; she is Vietnamese and I am an American. In 2017, I moved to Vietnam to be with her. We are planning on getting married, but we plan on staying in Vietnam. Before we get married, I wanted her to meet my parents, so we hired an agent to assist her on getting through the visa interview process. The plan is to visit my parents in July then return to Vietnam. After our trip in July, my plan was to apply for a new Visitor Visa to visit the US in November with the intent of getting married. However, we would not be moving to the US, we will stay in Vietnam. Our agent said that it is not a good idea, as the Visitor Visa is just for a trip, not to get married. He also said the US government can consider it to be visa fraud and blacklist her from ever being able to get permanent residency in the future, so we should get a Fiance Visa instead. I don't want her blacklisted, as one day I may choose to move back to the US, and I want us together. What is the best way to proceed with this? Also, if we get married in Vietnam, will it become easier for her to get a visitor visa in the future? Thanks!

User's Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Category: B2 Visa (Visitor Visa)