Mom and Dad got B2 VISA for 10 yr in 2004 self-sponsoring, but only my DAD was able to come US in 2004. He stayed in USA for 15 mth due to medical emergency instead of 3 mth without applying ext. India Port of entry put wrong year on passport, which made him look that he returned India with in 3 mths instead of 15. He also lost his I-94 while in USA and did not handover while leaving back India. Now he is coming US again this mth, and I would like to know, if US immigration can track his previous record. Other than passport, does US immigration have any other source of record? My MOM is coming first time. Back then both MOM and DAD were self sponsoring and got VISA, but now I am sponsoring. Do they need to mention this at US immigration? If yes, what documents of mine are needed ?

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