Life of a Desi in America!

The events below depict the life of a fictitious character called arjumya. Arjumya migrated to U.S. from India many years ago, and is currently waiting for his green card approval. Arjumya loves technology, and would never live anywhere else except in the bay area!

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Disclaimer: Events depicted in these cartoons are mostly true. If you notice any resemblance to incidents in your life, that cartoon is probably about you.
Yes he is still depressed. Some of his non-Indian friends made a lot of money investing in real estate in India.
Boss: How late can you stay tonight?
Employee: umm 10p.m.
Boss: Can you stay till 11?
Talking to Customer Service...

Wow, you got my name right the first time....
You must be located in Bangalore.
The VCs decided not to invest in us.
They feel we don't have sufficient number of Indians in our team.
If our GC and citizenship take too long, then our kids might start voting before us. What if they start to consider themselves more mature than us? What if they stop coming to us for advice on important matters...
Aah that was a great 45-minute hot shower...
probably i might never be ready to move back to India.
They are so much more romantic than us.
They even share the same email id raj_and_sona@yahoo...
One extra small coffee and 10 creamers.
Has my mascara smudged?
I really want to look good for my Costco photo i-card.
Trip to India...

Can you describe your hygiene practices in some detail first?
Trip to India...

The potatoes are Rs 14 per kg and the SIM cards are Rs 100 each.
Talking to Customer Service...

My name spells A as in Aishwarya, R as in Raveena...
Wow, people here seem to know a lot about Bollywood.
These days it's better to be rude to strangers while shopping,
otherwise they think you're from Amway.
Yes, Sampatrajkumartony is an odd name. They feel there is a low probability that his name will ever match any FBI security list, so it will save their child a lot of trouble later in life.
I strongly feel they should use a different term for it. "Advance parole" sounds as if we have plans of becoming criminals in the future.
Planning international trips on an American visa...

We will have to fly to Seattle, take the Canadian visa, drive to Vancouver,
renew our American visa, fly back and take the Schengen visa...
Let's just go to Hawaii again.
I'm severely dehydrated.
My parents are visiting, so the thermostat at home is set in the 90s.
Please continue to make out. I'm not watching.
I'm only waiting for your parking spot.
Two special meat-lovers club sandwiches with no meat.
Trust me. It's better than their veggie sandwich.
The morality of gift-recycling is debatable.
But it is definitely good for the environment.

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